Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June it begins

My life trips the beans out of me. So many women I have made love to, forgotten them by now. Sandy was right I turned into a man whore for 3 years.  The madness has stopped when I met Her. Shes been nothing but great luck for me.Have gained weight, now am at 200lbs but i can lose 20 by end of june and other 15-20 in France and europe. We are taking a train throughout Europe. Beds in train private room. we did that last time Italy to paris. Gessus who the fuck have I become. I still miss Sandy doubt ill ever forget her. Yet I make love to my baby girl in a day than I ever did with a honey in a week. She matches me in everything and finally completes me.

When I read back in this blog all the shit i went through its amazing am still here. In this these past 3.5 years have been shot point blank in the head and not even a scratch well a little cut i guess. Been with actress,dancers,strippers in small orgies. Stopped pedophiles dead in their tracks saw the pope in last February. Was knighted and I get loved daily more than a porn star. I make money in copious amounts and I kneel before God and thank him daily. My kids came back and apologized for thier ways and of course they can not do wrong s i adore them. Imagine paying with a credit card and never worry about if being declined>? LMAO! Am getting a jacuzzi put in bedroom for her. Lol am a spoiler!!

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