Friday, May 27, 2011

May Recap

What has not happened this month? Hnn lets see. I think I fell in love with her lmao nah I sure as hell I did. When I hear the loving comments she makes to me. I just fucking melt inside. Yea we make love daily in the beginning it was sex I guess slowly it turned into love. We met in January. Left for Italy in February, came back fought a little as adjusted to living together after all I am a monster, shes a second grade teacher. Beauty and the Beast We leave for Europe soon. Not just Rome and Paris again, but I threw in these scraps of cities and countries too. Florence,Venice, Greece, Egypt, Germany Spain,Holland, Austria, Switzerland, England and whatever the fuck is left over there lmao! Figure 2 months should give us a little time. I itend to make love to her in every country. The biggie is she doesnt know it yet. I have bought a engagement ring for every country we go to. I itend to marry her in every country!

To any ladies reading this. Make love to your man min of three times a day; make his darkest pleasures come alive and as God is my witness he will bring the Universe, lay it at your feet and yawn as he waits for you to ask for something prettier. 7 months ago I was trying to be happy as restaurants let me go cause I am too old,(49) now next week I get paid about $38,000. for what 4-8 hours of work a day...wait there's more when I bound out of bed after making to love to HER I laugh as can't believe poeple are throwing money at me so I can help them be richer. have 15k in bank rotting paid all my taxes and dam mother fucker I can still crush a pedophiles skull with my hands..guess I aint that old yet!!
Bought Ipad 2 for daughter shes in a lawyer in 3 years! bought a another ipad just to0 work in Europe.

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