Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I want to go back to Rome

Thats Inn at the beach in ventura county. Yea I stay at top places now. Ever since Marianna and I broke apart things have been good for me. I make money and love daily. Yet my daughter told my girlfriend that sometimes I get withdrawn and I'll snap back in a few minutes. What do to man here I live in los angles in a house with a woman, sweet and sexy. My kids says she loves me but in my blood I seek death and glory on the streets again. I am what I am and smile so deeply when I hear Satan screaming my name with rage.

I know she wants to rehearse her guitar songs and stuff but Jesus man I want to go back to Rome. She met my kids lol adult kids this Easter and we chilled at Paradise cove in Malibu. Yea am vain as hell and dug when priests bowed and kissed my hand in Rome just seems like hours ago. I have gained weight since I became a man of a house again. i had grown used to my loneliness and now I miss being alone and lethal.

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