Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm that guy!

Who am I? Well for 30 years I was a faithful husband and Loving Father. Got divorced 4 years and became a lethal man whore, as Sandra put it. If a honey smiled and said yea.. I tapped it it long and hard. Then I calmed down and moved in with Marianna. It didn't workout and ended horribly. When we split well I was now officially broke and without a car. Even though when I divorced I weighed 300 lbs. I had slimmed down to 150 and had stopped smoking after 30 years of a pack a day. 

My skills as a womanizer had been honed that with just a simple wink, I could go home always with a sweetheart, half my age, Never took my car to a club and could hitch a ride on Ventura blvd at Studio City by thumbing out as I walked backwards. For a former Jabba hut that was my finest moment as a "hunk". So I moved into a single room in sylmar, a personal low as I had always lived in mini mansions. 

A mouse that lied in same room actually became my friend. knew right then that I would go mad and most likely commit suicide. After all had hardly any contact with my young adult kids and was totally alone in life without friend or heart. Took to patrolling my streets and basically rendering street justice to assholes. Figured sooner or later somebody would have to kill me and just fucking end it. 

Four months later am clubbing in Rome, Italy with a girl I met just moved in 2 weeks before. We rode a slow train from Rome to Paris with a bedroom on train and well. I paid for it all. I had become a rich guy. Poor by other rich peoples but wealthy by mine compared to what I had lived through for past years after divorce. We just got back from a Cruise. We met on Jan 15,2011. Wow man..just fucking wow. 

I'm a day trader and I make money for people and commissions off that. This weekend its my daughters birthday and my girl and kids are hanging out. Am heavily in love with her and digs me hardcore. I have found a home.. will it last? I'll do everything in my power to make it so. Shes a Teacher by day and a Rocker by night.  Me.. just a semi rich asshole that adores her.

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