Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Got Engaged..gulp!

The second time in 49 years of life I fall in love again and and got engaged! How could I not ask a hottie that has made love to me every night since we met? Our love struck on January 15. A week later I moved in with her. 3 weeks later I took her to Rome and France.Now? we are heading back from a cruise on the Mexican Rivera. Lol they closed Mazatlan cause of drug cartel.. Am sure happy as fuck we stole the southwest from those idiot Mexicans. LOL I AM  A MEXICAN BY THE WAY !! but born a American. I'll be the first to tell you "my" people suck.Here I sit and blog all the while I trade fro my clients on a billion dollar ship. FUCK ME MAN!! in October I was working for a whole 3 days as a short order prep cook in a hamburger joint Venice beach!!

Now am a Digital day trader and doing ok. Today I walked into our cabin., knelt and proposed to my Queen. I have given my heart to some special women these past 4 years, from my wonderful Sandra to my mean spirited Marianna. Yet Anna has loved me like no other and makes love to me every night several time3s in a day. She plays guitar and serenades me with song. She does her best to make me feel wanted and loved. Never refuses me anything, She also  wears all the sexy costumes I buy at sex shops lmao man!! Wow how haven't I tortured her precious sexy body with my sexual fantasies and depraves!

More than anything in life and why I must have her as my Wife for life. She makes my worthless Soul feel like a million bucks and respects me with with looks of awe and wonder. She has a Masters and other single letter important titles..Me? I'm a high school dropout.Yet she says I'm the most brilliant man shes ever met.

We are both 49 years old and both have had children, she has a 9 year old grandson.
I adore her. She has become my life.

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