Saturday, February 19, 2011

We fell in Love

So Bros when  a girl lets you make love to her everyday since you meet. Boys that's the girl you take all over the world. I have and will always will. Took her to Rome, Florence and now in Paris. I so love her. I have never had this kind of fun so a unabashed love we share. We infect people with our fun and happiness. Bought her a Louis Vattoun purse,bag whatever. Who knew chicks liked purses? the thing was like a grand and i could care less for her smile is worth millions.Today I take her to the Lourve and will make love to her for the fifth time today. LOL am 49!!!!  yea but I make love like I'm 43...ROFL

I finally found her! I asked her to marry me and she said ...yes. oh yea we have known each other 35 days now... We moved in toghter 7 days after meeting each other. Shes a second grade teacher and a lead singer in her own rock band. Me? I 'm just a mean asshole but with her I am a King among Men!

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