Saturday, February 26, 2011

Touch a Child I'll melt you alive..k?

In October was ending a relationship with a honey that didn't love me sok I didn't love her either I know that now. Having traveled in Europe with Anna I know without a doubt I truly love her. She so fucking rocks my work. We don't have bro .. we make Love 3-5 times a day. Have gotten my slice of heaven. She saw me get Knighted by the Pope in Rome. The Holy Father blessed her and told Anna Take care of your Man for he is irreplaceable and serves God directly. She fainted when she saw why I was Knighted. Yea a Slayer of Demons 

I am Lord G...Sebastinii de Aragon, Defender of the Faith walkway of the Order of St. Thomas. I stand before my fellow Americans and breathe the purest of Airs. I am now complete and fully protected. The Vatican has unleashed the nightmare upon all Priests that destroy children.

I'm Back..Let Terror be the order of the Day./

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We fell in Love

So Bros when  a girl lets you make love to her everyday since you meet. Boys that's the girl you take all over the world. I have and will always will. Took her to Rome, Florence and now in Paris. I so love her. I have never had this kind of fun so a unabashed love we share. We infect people with our fun and happiness. Bought her a Louis Vattoun purse,bag whatever. Who knew chicks liked purses? the thing was like a grand and i could care less for her smile is worth millions.Today I take her to the Lourve and will make love to her for the fifth time today. LOL am 49!!!!  yea but I make love like I'm 43...ROFL

I finally found her! I asked her to marry me and she said ...yes. oh yea we have known each other 35 days now... We moved in toghter 7 days after meeting each other. Shes a second grade teacher and a lead singer in her own rock band. Me? I 'm just a mean asshole but with her I am a King among Men!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Wings have unfurled

She  met my daughter. I have known her since the 14th of January and dude this is it!!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!! rofl shes my everything lol!!!!!!!!!!!! we sing, we dance and make love every night. I love her kids and she loves mine. I have found heaven on earth. She stands next me as I dance in front of my laptop and trade for my clients nationwide. I have changed again an industry and added a whole layer to binary trading! I accept no surrender for I battle against self imposed poverty and abandonment. Lol she says I bring out the freak in her.