Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kneeling I raise handle of sword to God

I am really tripping k. I have over 98k of peoples money riding on me tonight many of these folks will be dead by next month some wont even make it to the end of the week. The money they will make will go to different things. T o Alberto who asked me to promise and I did to take his winnings and give it to the people that work the landfills piles here in los angeles. So am really nervous and well thats why I write the below.

Wow as kids say nowadays..wow. Lets recap ok?  Biz is good . Ex wife have basically rendered our mutual restrain orders invalid. We have been meeting along with her boyfriend of past 3 years over a thing with our daughter now that's is fixed we laughed on how shit don't matter when its your kids happiness at stake. My Son is so totally a Prince i HAVE never have been prouder than to see him and witness his stuff. So am sitting acroos from ex wife and her boyfriend wow ok..wow. Anyways I ask her ex wife so no way I can try to get sandy back. She said no cause of the resentment she must have for me and to move on. I was totally bummed about that. I told her I had probably verbally abuse as I was getting drunk then alot. I was like sadly but yea. So the next day am sitting there in a Chinese buffet join reading paper very happy about kids and all. I get a emailed flirt from plenty of fish. I log in and its a honey saying that wonder woman like to meet aqua-man. Heheh that was my profile statement saying aqua man looking for his wonder woman..lol yea I know lame but wait maybe the best thing I ever written. So I text back send number and she did. I called her then her pics came in and I was like OMG! Ok I know but I almost and I mean I had to break my fingers so I could stop myself from texting her back this, hey doll did you see my pic"?

LOL! yea that's how badly shaken I have become since lady M's breakup. See you get laid alot when your getting your ass kicked by some teenage calves with rubber horns, but even then you know its not you the babes are fucking its the fantasy their into. So I talk to her and we have a date planed for this Friday. Why is she special compared to all past sweet hopes for cool times?. The statements she says nails me so hard. I actually excited deep inside when she wrote the following duing today. She texted this reply to my texting regarding our phone convo I texted who are you young lady you have had me smiling all day." she texted back "right on, I guess you had me at Hello" That hit me so hard at that moment like n arrow right through the heart. We texted alot during day and spoke tonight Told her Ill take her anywhere she wants. I mean anywhere on earth anywhere.

Stuff she said tonight too so sweet and considerate. If you know me you know i love talking alot and fast. Am like a martin scorses kinda of a talker. I hardly spoke and she caught herself and said wow am just talking so much. I told her not at all and that i love hearing her which I did but more importantly I could tell she was nervous. Shes a second grade teacher. When she told me that I became really interested. If you have had kids you know that the first and second grade teachers are the sweetest ladies in the world.

Even though many new friends will pass on. I will make commissions from those trades.Ya know Alberto(lung cancer) told me reason group likes me is that I know my place as a lifer. and don't treat them with pity or even give a shit about them but all I care is about helping them do one last we were here and fuck ya all gesture. I was yea man. ok checking on trades now will post above a ss of trades wow wish me luck here goes the first trade. To all guys that may ever go through what I have please Brother it will pass stay true to your convictions and dont change a goddam thing for any women it wont work be the mother fucker you were born to be Son. 6 months ago I was working as a prep cook at a boardwalk bistro in Venice,by end of the day Ill make the price a used bmw..lol used.. THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU ON MY KNEES I THANK YOU FOR LETTING MY KIDS AND YOUR CARESS. ok lets check the trades people..GULP

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