Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So I told the ex wife.

So I basically told the ex wife either I see my kids or I going to nuke you and start a total doomsday war to end all wars. She came out of the house and walked to me and apologized for using the kids against me. Hell kids they are 23 and 17 but always my babies. With that I shook her hand said hi to her her 60 LOL year old boyfriend. I hugged my teenage Son for hours and we made plans for this weekend. I really dont want to chill with honeys anymore. I want to spend all my time and money with  my babies. My Son stood there in amazement as he heard people all over our Great Nation call his Pop to ask how should they invest their money. My life changed when I started to work with the terminal ill.

The dead walk around and swirl all over me. I feel them everywhere I walk and always see one or more walking bye. I find a lot at church actually praying kneeling and always crying in front of the statues. It makes me so sad when I see little kid ghosts wandering around. I always try to catch and hug them and they look so terrified, run away and wisp out. They dont talk to me at least yet but more and more I see them. Priest told me other day but wives tale is when your going to die soon you see the ghosts all the time. Well maybe its my time soon lol. Well to heaven above and the cursed in hell below. Bring it for I was born to die and far as I'm concerned your centuries too little too late.

After seeing my exwife and hugging my babies again. I really don't think I'll ever fall in love again. I think I no longer have a heart and if I did, never will I give it away again.

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