Monday, January 17, 2011

Sandy I miss you am Whole email me Girl

Dam Bro!!!! omfg wow man!!!!!!!!  From the moment she drove up my street and I puller her out of the car yes, I kissed her and deep. I was da man!   Gave her the wonder woman action figures she tripped. Only got better, see this time My date for first time was backed by cool cash. I mean  the kind that says baby, I aint about money but just some dope times. Yea "Dope" means  coolest times.Took her the charthouse in Malibu. We grubbed on lobster and gave her a little gift piece of jewelry. As she put it on looking at the sunset all the while a madly fine dinner with small delicate trimmings was being served. could see her melt into me. Played the game flawlessly with this one.  Just offering the events and letting the flow take over but always as the dawg. I know that here as always my style means, only that the high road is the dry road. She put up some Resistance to me, but nah a no to my wolf means "try harder" lmao. Cool brunch and yea I liked her lmao so yea why did I think of Sandy and think how would I wished this had been her again

 Had done it though, planned on the first date to capture A hardcore dater, former wife, Mother,grandmother and my age,second grade teacher and a monthly jamming in her own Band woman and have her lie in my arms and let me float into her mind as I looked at her down with the sincerest of affection and the peak of my 49th year., at  a $200.00 a night a Sheraton universal. 8 months ago was working as a prep cook and was fired because,was too old according the manager

After Malibu drove us back to hotel. W partied out a little kissed and took off to universal walk. Some martinis at planets Hollywood. Cab to Skinny's lounge in NO Ho AND WE DANCED Until 1:30 then back to Sheraton. I overcame her well planned Resistance and went into production she said people move aside when I walk and added I have this whole "godfather" thing going. Yea was proud she saw my cell nonstop vibrating with new clients. LOL Am a day trader K? lmao wow

so Yea shes into me and I liker her alot, But sadly for me shes not Sandy. This year I will make a million dollars as my kids are back and I spent the evening with them and had a ball. I am turned into metro cool dude just chilling in life. Drama well it aint life with no drama. Yet drama as it is played out so can it be written and enjoyed. I had my moment in the Sun and here we go again into relationship land.

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