Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Speed!

Traders ae now asking to hire me. Wow man just wow. Somebody wake me up ok? I swept a Goddess of her cloud and on earth she walked by my side for a night. That night She felt the warmth of a thousand  Suns explode in her being. I never worked so hard to accomplish such a wonderful experience so dam easily. Am taking off with her for a 5 day cruise. See now I became the guy that does that stuff. The one you always see in movies. The guy that swings in an uses everything in his disposal to attain what he seeks.

I need the caress of a woman now and for a long time to come, Its what I what and always will want. We guys are the a strange breed. How and why we make money is trippy. Am all about  taking my girl next month for a valentines cruise.When a girl grabs you by your jacket lapels and whispers to your face with such a hesitant and hopeful smile an asks Baby are you for real". Wow and those shinny green eyes so bright they look like emeralds smiles back when she sees the answer in your man.The stuff she opens up to me and I make her feel. Shes the girl Jimmy Stewart an John Wayne fought over. I won the lotto of women. Shes da bom and I will take her all over the world as she did one thing that no other woman has ever done to me in three years of being divorced. She never let go of me the whole night and danced like the wind in my arms. She did anything I asked, but the whole time and I mean only guys will get this. Shes the girl you always wanted to take to the county fair. Shes picking me up this time an well am staying in her town for the weekend.  I found her..I finally found her 3 years later. I found her.

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