Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lets Fall in Love

 Vid is of me trading for client.

What a life huh? A year ago I was trying not to get fired as a assistant to a pep cook LMAO!
Today am a Digital o Binary Options Trader...WTF?  I work my hours and I answer to nobody but to my clients who most of the time are respectful. I inlcuded a vid I made last night as I traded for this cool kid.

Reason I do this girls seem to think or maybe men do lie to impress them. Hell I was married for 30 years so am a little over the let me tell the girl that I am a astronaut or something like that I guess lol.So am talking with a honey last night from the South. Wow am way into girls from the South they are so soft and sweet. So this priceless girl laughs when she saw a thing of mine saying that I was a amateur bullfighter well retired actually. In reality the bull kicked my ass so much he walked me to parking lot and put his hoof on my shoulder and said., :Bro listen, seriously go home and work this midlife thing you got going..hmm, maybe fly radio controlled planes? but go home home really go home". You can imagined how embarrassed a I was. Here a animal was actually talking to a human and well it was one of those"seriously:? convos...meh. Yet I felt like I had to impress this girl so I send her vid of me getting my ASS handed to me by a "bull" actually a huge calf. LMAO thats like saying omg did you see those teeth on that lamb? ROFL omg that was so funny ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways she went gaga over it that's why I dont send it anymore. I want girls to like me for who I am not who I was trying to be that time. I asked my Best Friend Ben wtf man why do chicks go nuts seeing me getting killed? He said cause girls love it when a guy tells the truth not the result of it or the reason but the plain simple truth makes them go nuts.  so this babe writes this in instand message and right after went live on webcam. When she wrote it I was amazed on and what I am but will I be going out with her? Nah four months ago I would have in a second been enthralled over her. She asked about my trading record showed it to her more ohhs and ahhs. Suddenly I was incredibly bored with her and once she saw me on webcam and I saw her I cut it short. I guess breakup with Lady M later hurt my ego alot. I mean lady M she was a motion Picture actress and a writer and could make me laugh alot. I miss my past girlfriends alot.

Still am so dam in love with Sandy almost 3 years after break up lmao man whats wrong with me. I only knew her for 3 months but sexually and emotionally I lived a thousand lifetimes by knowing her and never have been so happy as a man.

Sandy is Delilah to my Sampson. I would do anything for her even would have let her "cut my hair". Fuck me If I didn't love that bitch more than life, but I was in a bad place just divorced and well I fucked it up drank rum and just blew it with my fat assed mouth. Se le vie... I no longer drink. Instead I spend all day talking to people all over the world and trading for them. I have money now,but still wont get a car or buy new clothes. My brain is still broken or maybe I jsut am weird who knows,but better crazy with cash nthan same without.
I want to be loved again and I so want to be helplessly and hopelessly in love too.

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