Sunday, January 23, 2011

It took three years to get here

This week, have over 75k of clients money to invest for them. Although I miss Sandy terribly and maybe always will. Yet my girl has waged a war of love for my cold black heart. Have destroyed so much evil that even a Pope fears what he has created in me. I look at Gods Son on his holy cross each day. Pray for his Guidance to show  the path to my investors. See I told all my clients I'll make them the money but they MUST to give a 1/3 to the poor. If they don't they will find it hard to spend the money with no hands. My girl and I spent this weekend in palm dale feeding the homeless. I think she is a Angel. Am so scared of falling in love again. Hell some of my soul still lies in Sandys heart. Yes am ready to give myself to my girl.

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