Monday, January 3, 2011

God TY am Whole again )

Yea I made a ton of money for a a cat that's Mr..huge on twitter has like 100k followers. The guy practically kissed me on phone....geesh! What would make my life complete. If Sandy emailed me or called me. I would take her and make her mine forever. Doesn't matter how much money I have. I ain't buying a car for now. Like this a lot being rich again, but acting like am just a regular poor dude. LMAO! Some girls can tell though lmao. So I gained weight last couple months, guess so stressed about Europe and money. Well money I got now and Italy still there lol. Just chilling before I make a move. I upped my fees and got more customers. Apparently I''m a some kind of financial genius ROFL!!! Am taking math in a adult school and tying to get my GED LOL! BUT CLEARLY to the guy I made 12,678 bucks for today. He said, "Mister G. you might as well be from Harvard cause my stock broker of 20 years can't make me money like you can. Have a client who wants to to buy a casino in Vegas, asked if I could run it"? I DIED LOLING MAN!!! .

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