Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wow I am surroned by really dead people.

LMAO I hosted a party for the dead today!! Wow it so rocked. I have never met such a honest and brutally frank people like these assholes. Lol they see me writing this on big screen. The advantage of being a psychopath is people like my friends trust you. They know you won't sell them out to the lifers.
At first when I went to them and rounded all of em up. It was to create the biggest ring of dangerous criminals. After all think about a gang packed with people who are dying and will be dead in a few months. What could be m, IMAGINE THE DESTRUCTION AND PAIN with the terminally ill attacking everybody? Figured I would rip off banks and basically murder every pedophile that ever breathed. I wasn't in a good place had just broken with Lady Mand I was mad and hurt so wanted mankind to feel my agony. Was gonna be like the joker and just go ballisticly evil.

I didn't count that the dying would be bunch of Heaven seeking pansies LOL Javier (Newest member of our club) just threw a polo loco bean and cheese burrito at me LOL!! Rofl I threw back a pack of cigs at him, and seriously tho we're losing J man to cigs lung cancer so if you think you look tough smoking lets see how tuff you are when your dying. Javier gives all you fuckers the finger!! LAMO You have seen J man give verbal hell to some cops who took some illegals car away in the rain. Rofl man!! J just tore them a new hole man, he used to be a lawyer  now he just fucks with smokers.

Yet a few of the boys and girls feel and see my vision regarding pedos and LMAO guess what more than 13 local pedos went missing last and this month..gasp!OH MY OH MY?? What are we to ever do? Lets see lets call the cops shall we? Gee Officer I have hmm 20 or so people that will testify i was with them the whole time. Besides those 5 sets of prints, gee they ain't me? ROFL!!! But see cops dont give a 2 shits about a child murdering ,generation killer scum bag pedophile at all. Nope not one little measly bit.

Thats why I took out a ad in the serial killers craigslist version yea we got our own shit too ya know. The calls dont stop coming in. Lost of serial killers dont want to hurt innocent people its just they can't hold themselves its like when you gotta pee really bad. You can't hold it same with killing same thing. So we pointed out to these monsters that hey dont mean and cruel and take out the innocent. Its much more fun and no headaches as far as cops and feds chasing you down. Just concentrate on pedophiles and rapists. Well the Vatican is very pleased at the :chapters of Justice" Ive set up in the golden state and well am hoping for a shinny new medal when I get to Rome. I was told to stop getting invloved with reg women hee in states. One one of my kind would be provided to me in Italy for all my heheh sexual desires....<--rubs hands and smiles alot.Merry Xmas all!

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