Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recently Passed.

anyways learning that when stressed best just knock out for a bit. Who knows maybe an old man thang.Funny thing, you know your getting old but its like .no way I feel like 49? I feel young and strong again but wiser and meaner..yea way meaner. I give no quarter to any person regardless of gender. Best to let me be. Yea been debating getting a car or heading to Italy. I figure if I trust myself and finance abilities as long as it last. Then baby its on to Italy. I want make love to an Italian hottie. Wanna dance in a euro club with sweet young euro cuties. Want to kneel before the Holy Father and accept my Sacrament and Grace.

Last time I was there I was married for past 3o yeas and with my kids too. Now they ae young adult in college and shit and well Ex bitch is on her own with he Jew man. Me, hmm apparently working for the walking dead. Most got kicked by hospices and Hosps to, well die as they want. Most want to die moving and stuff. I totally agree. Murray told me little while ago still busting up from what he said. Said, "hey Bro I better make some heavy dollar or I come back and haunt your ass". LOL!!!!!!!  The pic above is my Passed and dropped by Bell. Meaning been telling my friends to when they pass to stop bye my place and knock the pen off the dollar. Hm want to see if that works. Have asked my sweet lady passers as they float away to make love to me before they move on to whatever they and we all face eventually.

Most said yes, couple lmao just said L:your not my type....LAMO I died when one told me that. I was like but, baby you'll be dead, you know ghost and all that. The other one said and she giggled when she, "said not even if I'm dead Fred will you get head". LOL, gawd I still miss her she was fun at Starbucks. We would sometimes just randomly fling little raw sugar packets at passerby's and than act all gang like when they looked back. I love people their so nice. I feel alive now and at peace. I know what I'm do to all or whats left whit whatever time I have left. Its to be of service to my fellow man. I dont have to like him or even fucking talk to him. Just be of service.

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