Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not even warmz yet..yawn

Had a few like above but the trade was a couple grand per investment trade. ahh yea..
Killer Review of Plenty of Fish  am mentioned down below in highlight.

I’m going to leap to PoF’s defence by stating that most people that flock there are propelled by the infantile notion that by simply creating a profile, and sending off a few hopeful messages, that all of life’s love-related problems will be addressed within a day or two.
There’s a simple answer, and it’s called Knapp’s Relational Escalation Model. It applies equally to all social settings, and PoF is not immune to its influence. The Escalation Model states that the probability that a relationship will progress beyond first contact is virtually zero.
This model applies to all social scenarios: friendships, intimate relationships, business associations, etc. If this model didn’t apply, we’d form hard and fast relationships with anyone we came into contact with during the day. The moment we struck-up a casual conversation with the cashier at the gas bar, we’d suddenly have a friend for life. Saying hello to the paperboy in the morning would immediately lead to having him and his family over for dinner later that evening. Do any of these scenarios sound plausible? Well, this is the error propagated through these reviews. That one will instantly find the love of their life with the first attempt to contact a total stranger.
Another point: Rejection. It’s not an environment for the thin-skinned and timid. Finding a life partner has always been a brutal occupation. As I mentioned above, you will be rejected 9/10 times during the initial contact stage. You will be rejected 9/10 times during the dating phase. If you should have the good fortune of finding someone agreeable, and commence a relationship, the odds are slim that the union will progress beyond the magic 3-6 month mark, and you’ll quickly find yourself back at square one again.
However, PoF does have a notably deficiency which further reduces the odds of success:
It attracts the wrong sort of person. The theme that emerges from my dates, and it is one that permeates through the men’s negative reviews of PoF, is that you will most likely encounter a person dealing with significant personal issues. Most of the women I met/dated were fresh from a disastrous relationship, and were using PoF not with the intention of finding a long-term partner, but to feed their wounded egos. A woman emerging from a long-term relationship in which she was ignored/abused, is surprised to suddenly discover that she is the star of the show on PoF, and basks in the limelight. She suddenly enters a ‘girls gone wild’ mindset and dates/screws anyone that comes into her field of vision. I maintained friendships with one or two of these women after the fact, and they’d regale me with the tales of their various conquests, shamelessly having relationships with multiple men at the same time. The poor saps had no idea that they were being fiddled. That they were simply being used.
These sorts of women stay on PoF for years at a time until their market value inevitably falls to zero through all that hard living. These sort of women were the bulk of my experience.
And then we have the women looking for a surrogate father, the women looking for a sugar daddy, the emotionally damaged, etc. Not a wonderful mix of entrants, so the odds of success are definitely stacked against you.
And for the women? Well, their task is both hard and easy at the same time. Most of the men on PoF are married, or single and looking for a quick screw. My female friends tell me their horror stories with men on PoF, and they do have just cause to be very discriminating when selecting a potential partner. They tell me that most of the men they encounter are either incredibly horny<---- moi, or incredibly nuts.<------yea and me too
PoF does work, but you have to be realistic: Things don’t happen overnight, the process is not easy, the odds of success are small, and you are going to get hurt time and time again until the right partner comes along to make the whole journey worth the effort and pain.

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