Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nah aint into it.

Somethings you never forget other you want to cause it hurts, but other memories you remember those moments daily. Honey "B" keeps hitting the cell and email here and there. Nah she lost me and this time "I didn't forget the gravy". Don't feel like tying that had or even at all. Figure if babe ain't taking me home then why the fuck bother.  Other day saw a profile of a sweet honey on plenty of fish. She said ""I know the difference of being alone and lonely". I thought wow the difference? lol your still looking at the ceiling lady and nobody is looking back. The difference is when you die, the cat will eat your face. THAT'S THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE.

Guess am  crabby as am nervous as the trip to Italy is hitting home now. Most people when traveling have a reason to come back to their point of departure their home. I don 't,  am a Man with a family or country for that matter as I have lost my concern for things of this immediate world. Prefer to live the moment and search for that thing. Am making kill money and I could do same maybe even better in Italy than here. Am nervous cause if I find her in Italy, know Ill bring her back or I will stay there.

Last night I heard a song Sandy sang to me once while she danced with me lips to lips. Dam can't remember such a magically romantic slow motion moment in my life/ I know if I called her and she said hmm, come over I would abandon everything planned. That's how I know I am not ready for a American sweetheart.

In America you as a man are supposed to love yourself more than the woman you give yourself too. Of course I understand the concept of love yourself as only then you can love DUH.. Its not about that. Its about as a Man we have a Duty a genetic predisposition to always be of help and improvement be it in protection, providing or any action that lends value to a woman's life. So no woman can be equal to man as she is a different being, our focus as men should be not to promote and her hand a Her a false hope of equality but rather make sure she is abuse free and fully protected so she feels no need for a Man dedicated equality handed down to her to live by as her own person. God chose Woman to deliver His Son. No Holier being can there be a than a Woman.

By now I have tried many women, all flavors,shapes,sizes and temperaments. Lol each one priceless and magically delicious and those that I cant remember well maybe one day I'll recall our moment. Way I figure Ill land in Rome chill a few days. Then head to coast maybe if more biz came in, bounce on a Cruise, invade Sicily and Naples . Even as I write this I hear a song by fergie called big girls don't cry. Sandy sang it to me on fist date in my apt. She sang it to me as she had her arms wrapped around my neck as she stood looking up at me with her huge brown eyes. I have never have know such rapture as when I looked at her eye to eye. Wow God save me if she was my ticket out of Hell cause shes gone.

Well Peter get your score book out cause this son of bitch is coming home and I want my Sword, Fashion and Women. RAWR!!

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