Friday, December 3, 2010

Lol this crap worked lmao

Lol maybe am smarter,colder or jaded,but after The bank told me that Lady M had committed suicide. My brain broke in a way. Of course I was ecstatic when I found out it was a mistake on tha banks part. Yet something snapped in me. No Woman will ever hold my heart like that again. So am waiting for my money and baby I head off to ITALY!!  Heres my new POF of fish am getting calls already on it, just well I don't care about American woman anymore. Too cold and equality minded and sorry I like soft feminine damsels in distress kind of woman.
Plenty of new profile below..

Well in this point in my life am looking for a best friend with a bra I guess lmao!! Lol just kidding I was married for 30 years, so no commitment issues and in case you think I was the quitter nah I divorced her for cheating. So now am looking for a honest Woman that wants to share life and all the fun possibilities that it holds. A sweet smile that likes to get tickled in bed and wake up to a full on man making her breakfast and treating her like a Queen. Am into full blown public displays of affection. I have traveled around the world and well I really dont care what other people think because the truth of the matter I live for myself anf what we both feel not what some stranger you'll never seen again,"may think of you".If we hit it off,am the kind of guy that calls ya and tells ya I have tickets to the Met be it in Rome or NYC. My life holds adventures in every turn and twist and I fear no man or animal,yea nothing in life, but I do fear a life without the right woman's smile to lite up my way. If your sweet, affectionate, and love being treated like a masterpiece call me. I know sounds weird but I have met women that like to be treated like crap. Sorry am more a Cary Grant kinda of a guy and not a Mickey Rourke dude.

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