Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.Fun Times ahead :) 2011

My Client Jeff above funded is account with 200.today. We traded him the minute is account was charted and prepped. Yea end of day but hey in a hour or so he had 150 plus off his 200. Tomorrow I take him to the land of 3k in 5 hours lmao I love what I do now. Its cool to be loved this way by strangers with such a awe and celebrity status. I mean hey I am a nobody k. So this is a ball. Its not luck or shit at fist you almost have to think that. Then I realized all of sudden that I knew what I was talking about but more importantly I was making money for people that needed it. This xmas I was flush with cash. Paid my little debts to the homeless and church and figured Ill hit Italy in January. I really expect to make a shitload of money then. As my reputation is getting known in chat rooms now.
Well its time to make the big push into 2011. I have totally changed into something different and mysteriously wonderful. I make money as easy as walking I find that amazing. Took almost 3 years to get here. In my wake I leave dead things and memories of a heat I once so proudly gave away to special women. I no longer do that. Am I bitter? no I just  get sad now when I feel a rush of love buzz go through my being. I have to hold myself and sadly remember Lady M and Sandy.Am doing great things and being of service to those that move on to different worlds. On Xmas eve I spent my time with the "lookers".

These are folks that will be dead in a couple months, so we drive off "looking" for cemmentaries and checking out different burial and  "recycling disposals. I can't even begin to tell you the various conversations we have and yea weird stuff that happens on the trip lol WEIRD!!
Ben asked of course if I had sex with these honeys. I was like hell yea man. Totally tippy sometimes deeply moving other times like a trying to make a memory stick like she wants to remember it as part of a memory she takes.

I hate it actually its horrible to make love to a girl that will be dead in a few weeks or days. I think its the fucking wost thing Ive ever have wished for. I get home and fucking cry fo hours if you knew what I was you know its impossible for me to feel. Yet apparently I do lmao the word apparently busts me up. Ye it sucks its the eyes people you make love to  woman that knows shes leaving us. Fuck me you have no idea what a faraway look is even that smile is madding for she has already partially left and it scares the life out of me. So I raise my mouse to my dying girls and as promised I will attend each and every funeral and mourn you hearts with my memories  gratitude for showing me how to live again though your passing. God Bless and forgive us all. 2011

 before I FORGET!!! remember the ghost trap I made? a pen on top of a dollar resting on top of a plastic cup? I asked a few of the gone before they went? if they could come back and push the pen off the cup. Many said yea. Well i woke up with the cup and bed right next to my face on pillow. At fist I was like how did this get here? then duh!!! I always knew they could move things now I knew for a fact they could.

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