Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be a Man Don't take it anymore!

 Well clearly am on right track again. Took me almost 3 years to get here. Am Faster, hotter and well just one hell of a fucking bitching dude. Dated hotties, lived with a gorgeous dab of a woman, Now have morphed again into some new kind of creature. I head out to Italy soon and well am bringing back a young finger licking Italian honey. Minute she she gets transformed by the evil demon of American Woman Equality. I will drive"US" to the United States Border down at San Diego and Mexico. Take her into a nice restaurant, have a delicious Lobster lunch. Then during the grubbing, I excuse myself that we left stuff in car. Yea, when I back out of restaurant parking lot. I'll be smiling as I leave leave her Equality induced ass inside the restaurant on the Mexican side of the border and drive slowly back home, alone LOL!. The "I am equal and not a sex object anymore bitch" can explain to Mexican and USA immigration officials how "her" new found American woman equality allows that sweet ass AND HER expired VISA , back into the USA Border. Yea I changed alright. Ladies your right, nice guys finish last.
I became an American Asshole.

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