Monday, December 20, 2010

am a sexual weirdo but I can't help it.

Been helping termies lately. Why not we're all terminally if you really think about it. So gaming this bald hot little cancerette. So I tell her joking that sex with the almost to be dead must rock. She asked me why I said that. Told her about a movie that basically changed my life. Brad pits Fight Club. Told her of a scene in which a bald girl like her in movie tells support group that she will be dead in a few months and all she wants is not to die a virgin and literally begs somebody anybody in group to make love to her. So my little C girl tells me with a smile that shit bro made me freeze, she leaned over and whispers "I ain't a virgin", don't know if it was the heat of the chemo radiation shit off her face or her breath but I kissed her, man grabbed her by her neck and totally tongued her deep.

She just dropped me off, her mom should be home in a couple hours, my girls 22 years old and fuck it all/// it isn't fair, she'll be gone in a few months. I wish I could be that guy that knew what to do, but I don't. The sex was good she cried a little after she came. We hugged and told her what some of my family members looked like and to look them up when she got to Heaven they will show her the ropes and chit.We loled a lot today and I cooked her supper. Now am back at my place and an totally tripping on her. FUCK I KNEW SOMETHING LIKE THIS WAS YET TO HAPPEN AND NOW IT DID!

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