Thursday, December 9, 2010

Am going to explode!

Tomorrow I trade for a hand full of Clients on  DEVICE I invented call the money train. They will fund their account with just 200 bucks I will turn it into $2,941. in 5 hours. My commission is 20% about 600 bucks or little less. Not only am I nervous but am rolling out a new program from I guess fuckers who want a stroke. Called the Bullet Train. You invest $1000. and I return you $14,441.00 yup in 5 HOURS! 14 Grand baby! I make like 2-3k per account. Yea my poor little heart broke this year and what came out was a money monster.

I have fought Bulls in a cheesy little bullring in slymar, lived with & broken up with a former movie star. Worked as a kitchen prep cook on Venice beach slept with pretty women for almost 3 years. Even if I lose these folks bread its not a lot and I made money on commission fees like trade fees and misc fees. Not to mention the brokerage house owes me several thousand for bringing in investors to trade with. Its that I found my place now. I turned down a date today with a dream babe I mean like mad hot. Why? cause I had to rush home and get ready for tomorrows trades. Its a battle and I will win this war. Women no longer mean anything to me like they use too. Am off to Italy full steam. Boys in Israel want my ass bad there for January see If they give me my own label? rofl Boys I am the fucking Label!! lmao we shall see huh. I look fucking hot and more importantly Its better to look good than feel good...Fernando Lamas! rocks baby!!

Regarding that hottie today shes like 42 and told me at vons that I reminded her of Kojak,telly savales. I was so crushed and I said you mean I look all mean and gruff? she smiled and touched my hand and said nah you look cool and fun to be with. LOL I was like wow and dudes in back were like hey bro I think she wants to go out? I looked at the girl and choked on my coffee and came out of shock and gave her my card and stuff. She called and I bounced out of a great time. lol I guess. Fuck I would do anything to be with Sandy. How can I still love her? wtf man!!!!!!!!!

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