Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alley Cat licks paws.

Of all the girls I've known past 2.5 years Manami has been with me throughout my adventures. Shes been calling me almost everyday. Yea way too young 31, but lol what cool people young girls are. So fierce to defend you and stand bye you and yet so easily they can leave you. Wow I like Manami alot. Yet I want older more than anything. I want Passion and Love Violence. Huh? you say, love violence is when you love each other so hard you compete to see who can love harder.Gets Violent trust me.

Breaking my own records as I build a new offshoot of a old industry.   I am becoming a total street trader.Am rolling out a new campaign tonight should work, if it does wow its over. The transformation is now fully self-aware. Even now things are different, but dick no longer rules me.  I rule it. I know your like wtf man can't you control your penis? lmao CLEARLY PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON COULD NOT? so making a Yiddish accent "I'm supposed to" ?

Today as I traded and I lost a couple trades for folks here and there, but I win most of them.It dawned on me like a sunrise that I had replaced the intensity reserve for a live in relationship or any for that matter with a laser focus on business instead. I trip out at all that has happened and continues to grow and emerge.  Biz folks want me to travel to Israel in January am way into that badly. Gonna make love to a real Israeli and heck yea quick run and fuck right into Palestine as well and whoosh back over to the USA lol! Def stop by Egypt and well do what I was born to do. Explore and make love all over the world to every woman that lets me...:)

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