Thursday, December 30, 2010

2008 I Died. Came to life Novemeber 2010

I passed away in 2008 due to the wickedness of a woman. I was born again in November 2010 through the scheming of yet another woman. Clearly I can't pick them well LOL!!! Well can't say am bummed.
Business is doing fucking great. Am doing things never thought possible. Meeting minds that are stunning. Gained like 15 lbs meh!! but no problem will shed them off fast this month. Not so much into chasing babes who knows why? maybe distrustful maybe just tired of the drama. Am just trading for people making money and bidding my time. I have a thing for black women and they for me too lmao you wouldn't think after last fiasco with Lady M. Am thinking of striking up a thing with the sweetest sounding beauty I have ever head in Georgia. Shes 50 but her style and way of talking was like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know where am going in January or February for that matter but somewhere fun and sexy am sure.

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