Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Youngest girl? 30-42

My Current life behavior no different than the Joker above. Yet its true, have been dealing with girls and their own schemes and plans. I guess you can't blame them right? Yet like the Joker in movie said.."Do I  look like a planner..I just do." I guess I did the right thing sticking by a former Girlfriend that came to visit me when Lady M was moving her stuff out Sunday. My little 30 year partner in sex crimes lol!! yup forget I met her when she was 29.  She been calling me everyday since Sunday. She said Lady M looked like she wanted to eat her when I first brought her up to apt while M was packing stuff with her cohorts. My lil Japanese princess want to go to a casino near palm springs..lmao kids always on the move. Yet nah am busy right now rebuilding an empire. I gave up drinking and last night I laid down the foundation of my Castle and today Ive been swamped. Who knew people would like to turn a 100 bucks into 2grand by end of

Well am moving out in a couple hours. I will Miss Lady M she could make me laugh but I always felt uncomfortable round her like I was a live in experiment. Well she was here when I needed a friend and I deeply thank her for it and I was there for her too. Next time I post on blog I'll be a new address at a new location. I think I may ty some latinas for awhile,but this time. I leaned quite a bit. Am letting them chase me down these time. I literally had sex almost daily and several times a day for past 8 months.

So "Hal" my Penies name we're good.

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