Friday, November 12, 2010 worked...Yawn..LOL

Ok only 14 made it to the promised land of the 19. The 5 decided to just take their profits and skipped away and already are sending me my cut. Keep in mind aside from these say 7 didn't even make it to Tuesday and got totally wiped out. Thats the nature of this bittersweet beast. Many will realize amazing gains but some will just lose whatever they invested. Its ok I lost too a couple times. How else could I know what to trade for my clients. How proud am I of myself. Ok if you go to the CBOE and look at top tabs labeled products. Click on it and you'll see among instruments, "weeklies Options".

The CBOE has a webcast with Charmian and vice chair of the CBOE and they discus weekly options and I quote the vice chair said,"Its like playing PacMan on the fourth level". He went to add only the most sophisticated trader should even attempt. Well..cough,,cough,, What I am investing in for my lucky clients are called Binary Options or Digital Options and they TRADE HOURLY NOT WEEKLY AND I INVEST WITHIN NANOSECONDS THAT'S MY STRATEGY. Yea lmao what a month to give up drinking lol. Yet am celebrating in my own way.

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