Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yea am a Mastermind..its what I do

wow SO APPARENTLY AM HEADING OFF TO Italy DEC 22- JAN 3 LOL LMAO who the fuck knew what a evil mastermind lurked behind this wickedly handsome smile. lmao My brain broke when I saw my bank account. lmao man! aint rich not at all, that I even have a account after the brutal divorce ex wife and I had. My heart broke when Sandy and I broke apart to this very second I always think of her. Then countless women later I met and moved in with Marianna and well that collapsed. Well now I stand a Mans man almost 3 years to get here. I have fought bulls and have it on film and pics,but more importantly I have that conquered fear captured in my being.

Nothing can kill me Man or Beast. I have been blessed with a immorality for what only God knows. Two months ago  I was praying to God not to get fired from a job as asst to a asst to the prep cook..rofl. Now am lending 5k to some lady so she can open a restaurant in Palmdale.  I have opened my own brokerage house and have invented mathematical formulas to grant me the superpower to jump in hugging a heartbeat as a pillow and land in front of the DOW and for a second that lasts a Universes Creation. I can  with certainty tell ya where the DOW will go in next few seconds.Daily I wake up and make people wealthier than the day before at same time I enrich my self by serving my clients to my very best. I have yeas of knowledge and experience and mainly the street smarts to understand the meanest street of em all. Wall Street.

Now I head off To Italy of course I would have sold my soul to be going with sandy but that's how it is and will be. I can't wait  will be even be making money on the air France plane that takes me there as well as the hotels I stay at. I will be the perfect weight. I walk daily 2-3miles and lift weights. Not going to have sex until I get there and then I will make love to every woman I can everywhere. Making sure that I spend the new year there too. If I can find a decent wireless connection hell who knows maybe even stay longer. See I am so fucking special my love is pure and passionate. I hate schemes and planners. Will I find "her" in Italy?
Well I sure as fuck can't find her here. Anyways I always liked Italian imports. I know I' Man enough, but will I have the passion for a Italian woman. Hmm we shall see. I will post pics here of trip. (ROFL I counted like 50 I's above hmm OMG am, _"I-Self Absorbed".)..LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy if you still visit this blog Hell Doll get hold me if you want. If you don't well Darling thank you for letting me in you life. It was Magical like Baxter.

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