Friday, November 12, 2010

Wow love doesn't end..It changes into a pretty smile

I like her man I fucking like this one. We talk so easily and for hours man. I told her stuff already that I never showed Sandy or Lady M. She was good with it. Shes so sweet and considerate of my feelings./ LMAO when she called me a "Valley boy".ROFL into the Metro Look I was wtf is the metro look? Shes tall 5-9 without heals lmao I'm 5'9 5-10 with boots on. Shes says am a charmer and not like the girls am used to. So I asked if she could get freaky in bed she said yea. I was like then baby its on. She laughed and the way she laughs its such a girlish giggle. She so reminds me of Doris Day. I means so so freaking sweet withe things she says. I am beginning to like her. Yet she lives in Chino basically an hour away by car. I dont have a car! Lets see where this goes. Nothing nails my ass to the Love wall than a sweetie telling me nice things and teasing me. Drives me nuts.

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