Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a day... stuck a deal with a cat in Israel that could me great dough. Was even invited to to hit Tel Avi and meet the rest of partners. I was like hmm ok lets see where it goes. I am all about short term. See the real money here SoCal will always be real estate so I just want cash to buy a couple apartment buildings and houses. Def some commercial real estate always deal to be found. so am am building cash fast trading binary options for regular folk like you and I. Get to speak to people from all over the USA I develop daily my own mathematical operations to share with my crew. I have a list of formulas that even am ready to trademark. All the while I take night classes in intermediate  BASIC MATH? LOL!!!!!!!!!! A angel has a right angel? lmao who knew? If these folks hold up their end of the deal Ill be fine and perhaps in Israel by January. I would dig being invited as a guest there. I know I'll get into trouble somehow I dont care. It would be a religious high.

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