Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think am falling in love again..oh vey

 What a week! today had bullfighting class. Of all the girls I have known I would loved to have shown Sandy how sexy I looked getting my ass gored with rubber horns btw that chit hurts bigtime. This bull was bigger and he took me apart man. It was as though the bastard looked at me and said, "oh a mid lifer? seriously"? My Trainer likes the girl I am dating so he had me on webcam and she just scolded the crap out of me when I was done. She whispered like it was something deep she was appealing in me, as if I be happier not fighting, do you really need do this she asked, but it wasn't judgmental. It was the right tone that a best friend would ask. I stayed quiet. Have dropped all the rest of the ladies. I like Sweet S as I call her. I dig her attention always calling and texting never guilting me or gaming me. She used to have boyfriends from Italy maybe that's why shes so feminine.

This Saturday hopefully Ill take her to Bens funeral his dad passed on. I know considering we dont see each other much, well Ben is my best friend and thats how it is. Besides I no longer care about how girls see me. Something happened to me from the first bullfight. Its like I grew up or something, women no longer mean what they used to. I live for the cheering fans LMAO all 20 of them ROFL well 20 now later 100's in Spain. Like when I showed up to parking lot tonight couple of sweet ladies came to wish me well. I was like thanks ladies one a Realtor gave me her card and kissed the back and gave me a lipsticked biz card? That was my first. They give us loose fitting Matador suits.

Yet apparently I look hot in it as you could hear the girls cheer me on. Until the bull took me down and dragged my noobish ass all over the ring. This time the handlers came running guess It looked bad. I got up and bowed to my fans and walked over with blood pouring out of my nose and mouth smiling and bowed again to the floor. They went wild and screamed El Hombre Vive =The man lives. Some silly lady threw the whole vase at me with flowers and looked freaked she had done it. I caught the vase took out a rose and walked over gave it to her and the way she looked at me I had never seen before in all my life. She looked at me with slow motion joy so freaking glad to see me like we had been friends forever, not really love but like a mix of love and respectful happiness fo me at least whats what I vibed, even though she was a few ring stands away from me, she raised her solid white hand as to caress me. I struck the flare pose, took my time turning.

They, the crown might as well been Spain full of thousands cause it sounded like it. I became a Matador forever at this instant. I had found my place in this empty universe. People loved me for what I was and not what I had been. Yet had the bull torn my ears off?I was deaf? I could feel the roar of the crowd, a din of yelling and feel in the air the vibrations of foot stomping, but the pressure I guess of the moment or the shock of being trampled, I couldn't hear them. just, walked back to the pens.

I didn't limp or act hurt but when I got back to our rooms I just slumped over and my trainer caught me as I went down he told me you my friend will be a great Bullfighter for you know no fear and you fight for the crowd. Doctor came over and applies some compresses he said.Told me not to come back on Sunday to heal up. This time the other trainers came over and each used an old bull tail and wiped the blood off my face and they passed the tail around and kissed it. I was so touched and emotionally hyped, I had to turn away before before tears leaked out. I think I am falling for my girl she so sweet and considerate.

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