Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strikes a Pose ^_-

Wow man!! How cool to wake up all excited about conquering the day. Haven t felt that in decades.Trip to Rome has me all excited for that to happen 2 accounts have to payoff what they owe. So far so good. Trick is while am gone to time that I am away from markets as little as possible. I will be trading over 100 accounts of mine while I trip out in Rome. See reason Male superstar like Clint Eastwood and others like him are popular is many men well stat out like me. We meet  childhood sweetheart, we fall deeply in love get married and 27 years late after a divorce, kids,cats and the whole family life, here you are writing on a blog. Doesn't matter if people read this or not. Its me I read it and kids will read it. I existed.

Back again to popular hero see they get to live a life most men will never have a chance to play out if even they want to. Well now I. that guy day trader. I turn chit into gold and am heading to self aware town by the second. Its like a superhero movie whee he looks at arm and sees a glow spreading over him. Have had money in past year or so in spurts,but I thew it away was just too into life after divorce, even though I filed for the divorce the impact of seeing the kids well young adults, but always babies in my eyes get ripped apart still hits me hard. Now I have better than money I have knowledge, like knowing how to make fire. With that sliver of treasure I head off into the night and onto a new future. This time I wont throw my money away. Luxury goes to the poor and then later to the grave. I travel to Rome again to kneel before Peter and prove my life and forever pledge my bravery to the Church. Yea also to get laid basically every day while am there.
Come on!! I ain't a Saint lmao!!

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