Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soon I will dance with the Bull

Lady M I really loved you or as close as I have come to since Sandy.  Am so sorry it didn't work, I say this cause baby you were right, I am a financial mastermind. In 5 days I made almost 2k maybe working a couple hours a day. This is without counting  the 20% my clients owe me for making them gobs of cash. If I knew that you loved me I would come back for you. Doll Joe gave me the printouts of you since we moved in and baby you been fooling around with other guys since we its ok I was doing same with chicks too. I guess we both kinda knew it wasn't going to work out. Yet we had grins and fun times and I showed you my powers. I always wanted somebody to see what I could do when God turns me into Sampson and now you and the monsters I've send to hell know what I am.  I will be leaving the states soon as I need a vacation and I really want to make love to a Woman in every city in Europe. I like Ana, a girl I met at POF, but I doubt she can take off work. Its ok everyday day I turn into  cross between Gary Grant and Jerry Lewis LMAO! soon Ill be who I 'm supposed to be. Thank you Doll for seeing in me what I never saw.

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