Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saddle up Boys..Girls in Town..RAWR!

profile at plenty OF
This Profile took a lifetime to write. Have the traveling wanderlust set on a quick horizon. If you like adventure and fun.   Its time to head off to Rome. Lets get to know each other maybe we fly there together. Life is too short to say no all the time. Live it Girl don't just dream it and sigh it away.

I represent rebuilding a Kingdom...Am all about living the life and enjoying every quiet moment in its own explosive way. Looking to jump out of bed mornings excited to be be deeply involved again. The deal is took 2.4 yeas to get here. Have placed my Crown back on again. Finally have found that sweet spot again. I look at the ocean and see no fish, but loving and beautiful Mermaids. Lets go girl. No more sad times or wondering in the dark if that special guy is out there. I 'm right here Darling.

Lets laugh at life and accept its grace with wonder but I need That special smile, that only a fair Lass can bestow on a mortal.... Call me and lets get found.  Like to dance here and there so even if you don't know how, no worries I'll swing you like the wind at Skinny's or Tokyo dells. Been all over the world and taken over 40 cruises, in other words ain't a couch potato. My superpower? make things happen and for past 25 years was  foremost hunter of white collar criminals. Now I make small fortunes or least try as a day trader and its doing well thanks!

Probably the LA Art museum if you dont mind, dinner and fun talk. Sweetheart please like to dance cause that's who I am. Just retired from Bullfighting, got my butt kicked too much lol.. dam bulls! no worries none were ever hurt. I love animals, would never hurt a four legged friend. So that's why please like to dance as I have lots of energy lol!! oh yea love coffee can ya tell.... More Coffee!!!

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