Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh Oh I like this one .

Well this is the thing. I'm not in heat yet, but soon the beast Will hunger again for the bittersweet flesh of a new heart flame. Today I had a another one of these professional single women call me. This one I like cause she called me. We been instant messaging on plenty of Its where I me Lady M. What floats my boat more than anything in the world is when a hottie is into me enough to chase me. She was married for 18 years 3 daughters all moved out and adults shes 47- and has lived alone as a single women for past 11 years.

What the holy fuck batman? What is it with chicks that have lived alone for so long all of sudden picking me? Their game is totally elite though. Its like dealing with incredibly intuitive women who know how dawgs like me hunt but realize I ain't like anybody they ever met before. This one would tease me and tell me she wasn't my type which I thought was so sweet and kind to say that for all I knew at the time she was telling me off. I figured,but how sweet though I thought.  Today while worked I laughed as I wondered if we would chat that night. We instant message for like 40 mins last night and I really enjoyed it. Manami called me last night and she likes me but shes so fucking hurt I moved in with Lady M last feb. Yet like told her baby When you showed up when Lady M was moving out and stood by my side I felt so much love for you. I have known Manami alot longer than M . I say by a -9 months. Told Manami I would always be there for her. Yet shes barely 30 and well I know she likes white guys most Asians do. Why who knows?

Tonight am working onn some spreadsheet and I get tapped on blackberry from plenty of fish. I figure and hope nits Ana.  Nope new babe so I log in and WOW what a gorgeous redhead. I love reds man like Huge.

So I message her back and boom it's on were messaging, you know the drill and suddenly Ana's little instant message box pops up and lmao I get so happy. I just like tell red here's my number call me, shes like hmm a Little late at night so I write some nice stuff back she says shell call soon am like great. Then I happily turn to Ana and sweet were are typing and chit5,but I say baby come on lets talk now on phone shes like ok and calls me! Well we talk about an hour and say goodnight not before she asks me all confidently whats my schedule for tomorrow so she can call me I said baby for you I don't care if I 'm with President Obama I'll drop him for you. She laughed and said ok.

I think I'm going to pursue this one and maybe have thanksgiving with her. lol I wish but ya ne3ver know. The red head lives way closer though and I have never had sex with a redhead before. Thew few fat pounds have melted and turned into muscle. Today I googled my daily walking route and its 2.5 miles round-trip. By January I'll be 155lbs and all muscle. Gawd I love blogging and reading this crap months later.

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