Thursday, November 4, 2010

My New Place

I dropped Vivianna last night right after I hung up with her. Met her at plenty of fish same place I met Lady M. I no longer or go for women that have lived alone for years. LOL  Now I know why they are alone....geesh. I guess I could be bitter from what Lady M tried to pull on me. Yet wtf man too many honeys out there. Ok so my rules are: Date honeys over 30-but way under 50. I don't even want to be with another menopausal woman again wow!!!!!!!!

How things change. From living with a woman in a one bedroom in Hollywood to now a top floor in a private community. The owner of home are into horses so they live in Texas. Basically I just got a house nestled against foothills for 600. bucks a month. Business showing folks how to turn 100 bucks into 1-2k in a week has taken off and tell you the truth. I think am jetting soon as some a/r's flow in.. I only need a blackberry or a laptop and got both. So I can do business anywhere in the world. Even though I know Lady M didn't love me let alone ever been in love with me. I kinda did love her. Weird though. I was never really faithful to her since day one. Especially when she left last two weeks, I did still love her. Thats weird for a Latin jealous kinda guy like me.

Like I said last few posts I gave up drinking. Never liked it much, but it was a good way to tell people off and tell them what you wouldn't normally. Don't need it anymore. Am glad cause the next day blahs sucked. Am back to walking a couple miles a day,daily lifting weights upstairs and dealing with clients. I like this being alone but I know it can't last long. I need no scratch that I have to be with a woman. Its my way. I need a woman I can talk to,love,make love and live life with and against. Lady M just wasn't her as "clearly" a word she used to say clearly am not hers.

Would I want kids again? LMAO ARE YOU INSANE!! lol nah not cause of the hassle, my heart just couldn't take those midnight runs to hospital or cause baby has fever and all that. Made an appointment next month for Xmas, AM GETTING FIXED! Well now that I just finished writing that hmm maybe not what if I fall for a dish in Rome and we get pregnant? wow kids in Italy.... Ok folks bet you would like to know how to make 100.00 bucks turn into 1000.  in a week? hehe bet you wish you were a client ..hehehe.

Well a new rule is I show only women how. Why women? guys are like me... assholes and I wont help a mother fucker to save his life. For a damsel in distress am right there, email Doll if you want.

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