Monday, November 1, 2010

Lady M why I stayed quiet Until u dished Sandy

Lady M I've always respected your choice to stay single, motherless and without husband until you chose to diss my Sandy tonight. You must have tripped out to see so many women waiting in courtyard to come in  to my place frankly lmao so was I. fucking surprised after all am 49 and who would have thought I would have meant so much to women in their 30'ws lmao man I didn't!!! Even the cops asked who was the rock star upstairs. Yes I kinda hoped around and said dudes these babes are here for me!!! They wee like no way man you're like a troll? I was like yea way man, but I must be one hell of a sweet troll yes? ROFL. Cops told my ex gf to keep it cool and get out of my face asap as I had a waiting list downstairs. I was so happy they said that as she looked over railing and saw my my babes downstairs. Guys at 49 and over dont give up!! Be yourself and use you ageless, charms these 30 something babes are hot to trot for right vibe!!

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