Monday, November 8, 2010

Its time to be Great again!

Am turning into what I used to be and even more. I miss having a Sweet woman next to me in bed when I wake. I miss making breakfast and loving a hottie. Yet this is fun too, doing the impossible. Today I made for some young dude with a little baby boy over I know the kid needs it. I look good and feel great my body is getting all muscly and tight. Am going for abs like that poster around town called "brody". Soon the pick me up test. Did that a year ago when I was 150 lbs just stuck out my hand and a girl picked me up little on heavy side,but I didn't mind. This time I think I want a Latina all slender and mouthy laff, sigh here we again. Even though I was born in the USA the last GF was a black Chick and now that I think about it wow man she was mean and cold. I don't need that crap anymore. My self worth has risen quite a bit since I turned into a financial adviser. Yet it was my last gf that told me I was brilliant. In a way its a shame it didn't work out, but hey man when a honey doesn't love you nothing on earth will change that. Like the sheriff says, move along folks shows over.
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So here is my profile on Plenty of Fish. Its a free dating service and tons of hot to trot honeys!

Looking for a fun date and a meaningful aren't we all huh. I love traveling and hope you like as well. I enjoy being romantic and gentle. Like to dance and thrive in quiet times with the right woman. Was married for 25 years on a 24/7 basis (divorced now 3 years)..just saying lol. Had 2 wonders of kids, Daughter heading to her bar exam and Son heading to Peperdine. Am dam proud of them and they are my best work. Guess since am 49 that would mean red flag mid life? Nah Starting over was the biggest hurdle ever and well am stronger and a better Man from Gods gifts and His scoldings lol.

So here I am ladies, if you get to me, You'll know one, am a keeper and 2 you will never have met anybody like me. Am polite and old school. So like kids say nowadays "lets smash it up" Hope to hear from you soon. Let me tell ya something Ladies. I used to hunt white collar criminals down and ladies always talk to the men you intend to date. What you hear in that voice will determine much.
With that said..hmmm..cough call me..cough

I love Europe so a woman that loves Rome, Milan and Paris is a plus. If you dont know these places, I' m more than happy to take you there. Everything in life requires that you stand tall, reach for it and make the world spin with the possibilities. Hope to hear from you names . BTW Rome,Italy is only 13 hours from LAX. Let the vibes mingle and if they tingle lets cruise. Call me and lets get the party started.  . 310-621-8501

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