Friday, November 5, 2010

it was a good day

 You would think that after living with Lady M since feb of lthis year to end of september. You would have thought I would have gotten over Sandy? SO WHY THE FUCK CANT I? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Aunt told me go to Spain fight a Bull like I told Sandy I would and bring the Video back for Sandy..
Sounds good to me.

I think I did well today and yea am going to be ok financially. Yet I still miss, Lady M guess I really shouldn't, after all she never really was in love with and still she did love me though and I did too in my way..I did.  I would have killed for her and without a doubt saved her from any monster. What I could NOT do was create love where there was none. Today as I dealt with what I had to do I couldn't help noticing all these Latina honeys here.. Jesus am surrounded by smiles and tight little bodies. I went over my love spreadsheets of love.Yea when I got divorced I made love excel spreadsheets so I could keep tack on what worked on babes and what didn't.

Back then I was about getting laid 24/7. Seems babes go gaga for me in the second month of knowing me but I lose them 3 months later. Now I could sit here and analyze all night how to keep them after the 2 months of gaganess has passed....... Nah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets focus on how to make those 2 months of bliss last for years instead...hehehe.

AM FOCUSED ON GOING BACK DOWN TO 150LBS i MUST BE AT 165-170LBS. Am lifting weights 3 times a day now and increased weight to 150 the bar and 50 lbs the dumbbells.  Manami hasn't called me in a couple days and am glad. Young girls have way too much energy for me. Yet I'll give it to the Asian babes, they know how tighten those inner walls like the star wars movie #1. When I told manami that once. I was like remember baby the scene when wookie, hans, luke and princess leigh are in the spaceship trash compactor? lmao she pushed me out of bed lol.

Never been with a girl that could do that, but NIGHT AIN'T OVER YET!!!! LOL IT IS i AIN'T CHASING SKIRTS ANYMORE. Am just chilling more like a wolf spider and just nabbing the ones that get to curious. Couldn't reach Sandy, but at same time never tried as I have been busy all week but am trying Monday. If she says no then so be it onwards and forwards.

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