Sunday, November 21, 2010

In 30 mins I face a reall Bull

Am so wasted in pic lmao!!
 Figure I may die like in half hour so I better say something mostly for my kids. Nikkie and Robby looks at your phones thats the bull am taking on in a bit. I love you kids I have to do this sorry I know considering you guys know me as the dad I was I am this guy now. I love you little monkeys like nothing in this world. Tell Mom I loved her once but will always remember as a good friend and much more. To my bloggers crap am so fucking scared lmao!! Last night I took Renee to Skinny s and we had dinner at Smoke House she took me to her place in Ventura county and I spent the night. Shee had me wear my matador suit, got it yesterday and she made love to me like wow until dawn. Am weak kneeded and well hungover!!! we had wine. Well shes in stands and is filming me Lol don't have a clue whats gonna happens next but Dear God I turn my Soul and care of my kids to your Creating Hand take care of them Lord. Bye Lady M and Sandy if I don'i make it know that my last words were I love you Sandy

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