Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ill show you how to be scams am real thing

 Listen up the wacky deal I know, but am desperate I have been madly in love with this girl for past year. Actually longer maybe almost 2 years.Yet in these past 2 years I have down the impossible and yet am still alive. Heres the deal take or leave it. I'll make you rich by next weeks end. Heres link go to it now and join it, free btw, then come back here..go please and hurry my niceness only lasts for so long before I become the beast again. Click here and become a rich MOF..

I'LLL give you a half hour wrap your brain around site and then show you how to make a couple grand with just a 100.bucks. Wish I had known this couple yeas and well life would have been different. its 11:00 pm LA time Ill be back at midnight and post the secret method to using link above. Btw does it work? Well 3 weeks ago I was broke. Now I got a house cheap if you want but a gated community and will get a nice ca next yea it works.

Ok am going to show you how to turn $100. on Monday to $2200.00 by same end of week on Friday. Why would I do this for Simple I posted on Sandys old twitter account and on the chance she reads this. I want her to know she was right. I am as a smart as I think I am. Will I eve get back? lmao no man shes gone. But I know when I die my last breath will be her name. I intend to make a million in a few months and Ill appear at he house to date her, if she does I will make her mine. If she says no then I flyoff to Italy and that's it.

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