Friday, November 19, 2010

I was the plane in movie 2012!!

Yup I felt like pilot in movie 2012 as Los Angeles just toppled over and they flew around and through it. I felt the same way as I took my investors tucked them into  my soul and led them through Wall Street as the Dow Jones lost more in a day than some countries can  make as GNP in years terms by the way. Thats who the fuck USA is..we be da bomb k!, befriend the United States make a friend of a lifetime. Hate and hurt us and you will feel our terrible Wrath. Yea that's right God birthed and left us in charge.  When DOW died on Monday. I gabbed each one of my tiny little investors and we flew through the carnage. Nobody spoke as we flew around the devastation. E-trade, schwab, lynch all deeply wounded. Guys at Goldman Sachs passed us in their giant flying survivor structure's with their industrial investors smugly sipping drinks deeply safely inside. The pilots smiled at me. I knew they were  hehe little train that could smiles. Yet my group was alive and I felt at that moment like Jack from a prior EX- girlfriend favorite show Lost, as I protected my survivors.

To take care of peoples money is a grave and most sobering experience. I look great again wounds healed, but I still feel little twangs for Lady M but they go away quick when I remember her games. Even though I have this Delicious blond after me. Hell I don't even have a car and shes coming from another county to pick me up. Everyday I think of Sandy I guess I really did fall in love with her. Am now officially 156 lbs mostly muscle.. When am 150 I'll take the hitchhiker pick me up test. Who knows what will happens. I Think I want a younger girl this time.  I really Like Sweet S, but shes 6 years older than me.

I'll never date a crazy professional single older girl. If you haven't been married or had kids forget it. I don't want to ever be with such a self adsorbed selfish woman again. I want a former Mom min former wife. This Sunday if that fucking bull drags my ass again, gonna go to Steveies car take out his homemade flame thrower and roast that old sack of bull meat so help me God!!! Meanwhile am practicing fighter poses. We supposed to mingle with ladies at events and pose for photo opps. Lol 3 years ago I used to look like Jabba the hut, now I strike Matador challenger poses and get cards from women LOL man.

I rather get dragged around by a pissed off bull than face the nasdaq when techs are falling like raindrops in Bangladesh. I stretch my hand out to you Goddess this Hercules knows he will make you happy see ya soon :)

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