Saturday, November 13, 2010

I met a real Angel today.

 Update: last Monday I enrolled into a bullfighting school of all places here in the foothills totally against the law so I won't tell ya where. I got my ass dragged by a teen bull LOL!!!!!!!!!! I was really doing well untill I looked for just a spit second away and boom the little bastard knocked me down and stomped on me a bit and rolled me for a minute or 2. Most  of the trainers just stood there laughing their asses off. They told me if had been in Spain I would have been killed instantly. I was so excited about it. Was my first bull and am so hooked. So Tomorrow I go again they figure a month or 2 and am ready for my first rubber horned tipped bull. El Coser my trainer said I'm a natural but that I'm old though am 49. Yet he said I have incredibly speed and grace. I felt so dam proud. Cant post pics as its a felony to fight bulls in California.!!  Yea but a pedophile can live close to our kids schools but I can't fight a bull? WTF?!

Wow have been on Plenty of fish for past week and wow. I never have met so many killer women!! Met this totally rad honey that helps out with 1 pound babies. I think she is da bomb,shes hot and all that but to meet somebody that cares more for others than herself wow man. Thats what I 'm looking for in life that kind of best friend.

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