Monday, November 15, 2010

I meet her on Saturday for Dinner and Dance

Imagine the Prom Queen, the head cheerleader from your past. Being totally gaga over you. She totally changed when she saw me fight the for the noobs Bull. She acted like I was fighting Godzilla. She checked me for injuries and hugged me kissed me and cried. It was our first date and we would make love twice by the end of the day..She told me she would reach into hell and pull my ass out and kill me If I get hurt in Spain. Told nah baby am all bout being around forever for her. We both have it hard for each other.

Am taking her for Dinner and dancing at the Avalon in Hollywood. Shes like baby whatever you want I want. When I saw training films of her looking at me fighting the bull, she would bite on her hand as I would pass the bull over and over. Its true without a question women love Matadors and If I land her and make her mine whatever price I pay in the ring is nothing to have this trophy of a women in my arms. asked if she would do chariot races with me in Italy when we go and she said, "My King I serve at your leisure". I acted all nonchalant but inside I was screaming FUCKING YEA!! Shes so into me!!!!!!!! I have missed this kind of hardcore Love. Sandy was only girl that came this close.

Apparently am a financial genius? Am making people money as easy as warming up coffee in a Microwave.

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