Monday, November 29, 2010

I like it when a girl chases me.

Yesterday Sunday morning I got a email from a plenty of fish girl ,met in October was back again. Was like omg wow. See I had met Bernadette one of the many times,had broken up with Lady M. In fact I had breakfast as a first date one the morning of the Oct 16th day M broke up with me, see post here of that day,  dont even want to remember that day. Still get mad and hurt over it. See the following Sunday Lady M showed up with cops to get her things from apt. Would like to say one fucking right now to you ladies. If you know the guy your dating kills monsters and you know this and even accept this. Whats makes you think he would hurt you now? Did you not sleep with him for months? Wow so you destroy a few pedophiles, a serial killer it does Not make ok? LABELS!!!!! I didnt know M was showing up at that time and well Bernadette came bye to pick me up for our date.

Keep in mind was supposed to be on a cruise on same day with Lady M. Now as I headed down the stairs sad bout Lady M but interested and a little amused that, already had a 38 year old waiting for me outside. She was hot, tight little slim body and long hair. Was bummed though. as I headed off off to main gate and there is lady M coming in with 2 cops. My heat fell so hard. It wasn't the cops that had me sad. I knew them and knew it would go bad for Lady M from that point on and it did. They rushed her along to grab her things and rightly so, as shootings had taken place and they were needed for real emergencies. At same time Bernadette texts me," hey Hon is that black girl the girl you broke up with and cops are in your place too?". I texted back, "look darling drama is part of my everyday life and you might as well know it.

This kind of stuff happens all the time. She text-ed back," hmm I like you so Ill wait outside for you". Was so stunned. Here I was ending a relationship to my total surprise but in a way not, upstairs with a girl I had lived with 6 months and same time I had a honey 10 yeas younger than me waiting outside. So as Lady M packed stuff  in tiny suitcases in her car. She must have hated me as I stood there joking with the cops she had brought. As she left and drove away I had to force back the tears. I walked over to my date foe the night and we took off to Doughboys. A restaurateu Lady M and her brother had taken me to. I met congressman Henry Waxman and his wife. When she took me home my game was way off and didn't even feel like kissing or playing the game. I was really sad over M. So Benedetta tells me lets go out for Halloween. I was like ok so we made a date. Later that week I was depressed over M,

I canceled and decided to get drunk instead. Bendatee texted me back really mad about canceling and even added that I wasn't even her type. Well fast forward to Sunday 1am. I get a email from Bernadette saying she saw my bullfighting videos on youtubel and wanted me really bad. I was well Doll I quit that and maybe already gained 4.5 lbs lol. She was like hmm juno video email me? I was hell I dont know how. So she sent me a vid of her in a sexy clothes, well that night I learned how to use Juno email. Now I have a date with her on Wednesday.

I love younger woman they are so tight and slippery lol. Lets see though, am burnt out on relationships. I want to leave for Italy am done with American women. Yes am a controller and its how I roll.  I am the fucking boss and that's how it is, You can have whatever you want me as long at the end of the day you bow my way and say, "yes meh lord". Girl says that to me with he actions and love style and yea Whatever you want my Queen. And yes Lady M I did love you in my alley cat of a way, so now you can understand and feel what I felt for Sandy. Freaking Sandy I can't get her out of my veins or thoughts. Jesus man I only knew her for a just few months but goddamn I cant stop fucking myself up with women over her. Lady M said in a goodbye email that I would bring up Sandy s name a lot and even said it once while we made love..oops.

At Smart and Final when I was with Sandy shopping for food. She took the shopping cart away from me and said," my man doesn't push a cart that's why he has me". I was so floored by that. I fell so deeply in love with Sandy. To this very second. I want her so badly. If she didn't have kids I would on my life kidnap her and keep forever in the hills of Spain as my love prisoner lmao even told her I should make clones of her so I could raise an army of Sandy's to serve my bidding. She laughed and said I was insane.  Am crazy about her still. Once after making love to Sandy the next day I was so fucking happy,actually danced down the street like gene kellys dancing in the rain.

I want to call her at wok and ask her if shes free but am so scared shes gonna say fuck off or shes married or something like that. Figure I'll call her when I have the plane ticket money in hand so if she says fuck off well no problem hop skip and off to Rome, but if she says yes? lol I will move to hacienda heights and court her her until shes my wife. To the day I die Sandy I adore you.

Lady M one of the pics you found is this one. Baby the cops dont care am like waste management for them trust me they dont care. To you pedos here is one of your kind..He pissed me off and tore his ass out of his car. Destroy a child and as Gods my witness nothing of this Earth will save you from me. Now am heading to riches and weapons and tools of b iblical deliverece honed by the stone of pain have been crafted for you. I will wear your rotting skin when I get knighted by the Holy Father. 
I serve Peter and the Children will be left alone!

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