Saturday, November 6, 2010

I guess I should be dead.

 Kids these is what I called you about Nikki my depo was yesterday enjoy the read. Same blood flows through you and the potato.  
AllText in bold means that's when well I came close.

Well at the rate the money is coming in I should be gone hopefully by February. Don't know if I am going to chase Sandy after all. Yesterday at depo Attorney went over basically my life's accidents and near misses all to find out if it had any bearing on my right index tip of finger lmao man. So here it goes again.

Roll over down the canyon on Barham in car with Mom. We both didn't have seat belts and yet all I got \was a scratch on forehead and mom a broken ankle. I was 8. In 6th Grade I was hit by a car in front of school and sent flying across the street lmao other side too. Got up Dad was crying ambulance said I was ok we got in car went home and Mom wigged out. Who knows old I was in 6th grade. When I was 12, was thrown off by a horse in heat and I got stomped by some other bitch horse in back of me when I fell. Just some little cuts and bruised ego mostly. As Teenager 17 fell off the Malibu dam. Lol wanted to go fishing on other side cause of deep still water huge ass bluegills. Was scared of rangers busting me so I had to climb back up wall of dam. I was with my gf at the time Ruth Lieberman. Tight little Jewish honey.

At 17  had a head on collision with some asshole lol I guess me too. We played chicken.We both won..idiots! Nothing happened to me the other guy broke his shoulder and legs when he flew though his windshield. I did get a ticket for reckless driving and that haunted me for a few years on insurance records.

I was 21 and new married wife and I suffered a six car pile up yea they all piled all behind me. We were stupid then and didn't wear safety belts.We destroyed the entire ca inside as we got bounced around like ping pong balls. 8 months later we wee still picking out windshield glass from our foreheads as swelling went down. That was in October. I hate and despise October

2 TWO fucking weeks later while we sleeping over in our office on third floor. Our apartment wasn't ready yet. The building got fire and we escaped but we were on fire. Only the clothes got burned, we came out ok but we lost everything in fire. I really hate October.

Next 7 years two more head on collisions DAM ASIANS!! I didn't get hurt but one Asian dude died. Seems he had a heart attack, tore across freeway divider and came right at me. Like I told the attorney I checked all mirrors and I could have avoided, but this time I really wanted to prove I couldn't be killed. So pushed the pedal baby down and hit him at over 60mph. He died or was already dead but I got bruised ribs and one hell of a lecture from the District Attorney. He even came into my hospital bed and tore me a new one in front of family. Like I told him then "hey man that mof was going to kill somebody probably some lady with kids". So decided to take him out instead. It was that statement that was shown to me in Rome a few years ago. It made me the creature I am now. It s why I lost Lady M. I'm a monster and her and Sandy saw it.

 Got run over and fucking dragged by a gawdam bitch of tour bus. I dont mean those wannabe double deckers as I could shrug that shit off. Rather a  tour bus that makes a greyhound bus look like shuttle van.
Cross the street and I turned to see the font,next thing I am under the Bus. Looking up at the underside of a moving bus and I and some say they tires run over me others say I was tumbling under the bus. few MINUTES LATER OR AS THE REPORT SAID 1 BLOCK LATER. I was pulled out by the people and ambulanceman was screaming on its way. Saw my Son standing thee looking at me crying I got up told him its ok Boy no goddamn bus could kill me. I turned and hopped over to fucking kill the driver.

The English Cops gently hugged me and held me as ambulance showed up. i could see my ex wife now but then she was screaming in disbelief. My daughter was laughing as she was being soothed by a cop. They all climbed in with me to ambulance they sandbagged my ass and we took of to E. I was thee exactly 15 mins given a tetus shot NO XRAYS and motrin ok? I was so mad my kids ate the doctor alive and then we were gently escorted by armed persona to the front and there we exited and now faced the English Parliament. It was to easy understand how these heartless people lost the colonies. The attorney for defense said "so much for socialized medicine.

It was probable the most intense depo I have ever been as it was all about me and my index finger lmao man. Fast forward bar fights here and there some I won , most I lost, got my ass kicked a lot, knifed and even shot . In total over 48 police at several times in my life have surrounded me with the intent to shoot to kill. (Had to give years,details and of course the 14 additional cops through the 16th of October-31, yea few weeks thanks Lady M.. Things about Cops and very lucky for me is. They know am a bad guy but can be counted on doing the right thing. Guess that's why they don't shoot me or arrest me.)
Then I said something wasn't meant to be funny but thew lawyers and stenographer died. I said my ex wife said I was a lucky LMAO

What should have been a 1/2 depo took 3 hours but it was fun for all. I left went downstairs since it was on cangoa ave. Dropped in cheesecake factory got a slice of cake coffee and thought Lady M and the new clients I was now in charge. See most of these folks like me tying to scrape by and want to believe in something that ain't a scam. It isn't and I talk to these ladies from all over the country and guys too. I am going to use every skill I have and make these folks win. Yea yea I'll make some bucks but honeys like M and Sandy know I could care less about money. Time to patrol again but this time its a different highway and with a all more personal desperation to it.

When I am done this task I now will leave. I feel my wings unfurling. they musk the aroma of  the burned and broken, yet as I stretch them and caress their leathery flesh. I know and now my children know as a part of a official record sworn under penalty of perjury with all the had copy documentation. That if I have this super blood so do they. For this I wrote this long ass post. Kids I love you and look at me now as fly and get ready to leave for a faraway place know that everything I did was for you.

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