Monday, November 1, 2010

I get u Bill Clinton

How do you just say no a woman's smile? How? Right now am facing Titanic upheavals in my personal life all because I can't control my FUCKING DICK!!! I was married in human years.... about 150 years? So you would think the sex drive would have been burned out by now? Que? The thing is and I can't explain it but as I more involved with a lady the more intense and frequent sexual funs is needed at least for me. For now. This girl today I spoke to he twice once when she called me and right now when I called her. Its like how is this possible am going through a lousy breakup regardless whose wrong or both are right..a breakup nevertheless. What the madding part is and this is why it isn't what folks like to name a SEX ADDICTION. Ok denial right?? lmao wait!!!!  Its that each woman is different inside, really never the same as the one before and never forgotten after the last one. Example lets say you drink rum nightly is it for the flavor or the buzz? Sex for me is for the flavor and  the buzz. Yet as the homemade video of my breakup with live in girlfriend can attest may have to rethink the sex thing...      ya think?

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