Monday, November 22, 2010

I fear nothing!!!!!!

So my daughter calls me 20 mins before I enter the ring she says, "Daddy don't please". Told her if she had called me months ago I would have stopped. Something happened after Marianna broke up with me. I knew then, that life was to be enjoyed and never to settle again. Took a pic of bull and sms it to my Daughter and Son.

I walked over to bullpen and to the trainers shock and horror I shot a huge ass rubber-band at the bulls nose. That fucker had a cow..get it? LMAO THE BULL HAD A COW OMG ROFL!! Anyways the trainer told me that bastard gonna kill ya now. Told the trainer,you promise? Don't know about you, but when a crowd chants your name, hell man even your balls tingle lmao. That silly bull weighed 1600 lbs if a pound. He came at me hard and for 13 minutes I knew total Macho Bliss. The crowd screamed OLE on every Pass. Then I did it what I have fantasized, daydreamed and finally realistically planned. I knelt before the beast. I was 5 feet away from it. I spread my vest like the Matadors in Spain. The crowd at that instant became mine forever.

I painted my kill zone on his back as he charged me and he was dead. Well he really wasn't dead, but I hit the heart with paintbrush stick rod. It's the way the women look at you when you strike your poses as you pass the bull, but more importantly the Hawk pose, that lands you the women. Sweet S left the stands before I came out. The trainer handed me her note. She was leaving me, said she couldn't take it if something happened to me cause we had made love for hours the night before. Guess another guy would have been bummed as she was a great time in bed. I had a handful of "Bless Me Cards" as they are called, but basically they mean "Hombre I am yours... call me". Considering I had screwed the night before like a rabbit I was beat. Besides all I could do was send the pics my staff had taken of me fighting to my kids. LMAO My ex wife must be dam!! ROFL.

The trainer told me something that well has had me thinking for a bit all day. He said Amigo you have a death-wish don't come back this is a sport and not a personal highway to find my place in Hell with. Told him yea. So I gave back my suit, cape and took my bullfighting pics with me home. Today I made some serious coin not to mention my investors made out like bandits. I have a gift. I intend to enrich myself. No longer do I need to go back to Spain. I ready myself for Italy and my full Knighthood. I will search and capture my future wife in Rome. I can feel it in my heart. I wish none of these weak minded women who consider themselves equal to a man. Stupid selfish women who won't fight for their men, but instead fight for the right to be alone and raise children fatherless and without boundaries. You won't catch me dead with a American selfish cold hearted woman ever again.

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