Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Homemade video of Breakup..it went Bad!!!

Things are changing wonderful things are going on. The realization that yea we were wrong is hitting home.  In a good way though. I think I hit on a tiger by the tail with binary options. Who knew I would be good with them. Have made enough from my clients that I can afford a $1,ooo. condo room in Malibu. I wont though. I dont want to live here anymore. Just want to get this Binary Option on a firm footing and am jamming asap. When rest of A/R come in. This kind of trading can be done from any place on Earth. After living with a hottie for past 10 months well I'm ready to be alone for a while. I didn't know lots of  older babes my age are ready to have fun like immediately but no longer requires this commitment etched on stone of forever love cause of the sex. Lol who knew? I just can't see getting into the energy vortex a younger honey is. Something about a wolf your age, yet always a little younger say -2-4  years. Am fading to black and lets see what the next scene opens with.

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