Saturday, November 20, 2010

Have a Date with Renee

Ok lets see where this goes, am really leery after Lady M of even saying I like you let alone the L word. So lets see what she likes. Have to figure shes doing abot 150 mile round trip to see m,e so I figure that means alot. Tomorrows freaking bull is HUGE.!Trainer just sent me the photo of it and the ucker painted my name on Bulls side with white paint. He texted me saying if you don't want to fight we understand,  I shot back that's a bull? Lol Master I thought that was a fat goat. He texted back,"Son Pray that it rains..Pray"..
I loled back, but right now am at my laptop trembling...LOL! I think that a corvette and a 24 year old babe would have been a safer way to deal with my midlife crisis..shrugs

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